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Food creates Community

Food creates community because people bond over the tastes and smells of delicious fare. It’s a celebration of being together and sharing experiences under the beautiful power of “breaking bread” together. The phrase to break bread with someone is to share a meaningful connection over a meal, often bringing together two people or groups who previously had reason to be disconnected. A meaningful connection produces memories. Memories are a shared life lived with others often over food.

Food creates community too because the act of eating together makes people relax and enjoy the company of others. It gives them nourishment for their bodies and their souls at the same time. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines nourishment as giving sustenance. It is that act of giving and sharing that makes food so inviting whatever the event or circumstance may be.

Food creates community when holidays, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are shared events. Even celebrations of life are important as individuals remember a life once lived. Memories are both past and in the making. That’s what food is and does. In these shared moments, we know the food we’re eating is more than a meal.

Food is powerful. It brings us together, shapes our memories, and empowers our communities. Though easy to forget while we’re rushing through our day, sharing a meal is an intimate experience, and those who sit beside us at the table can feel this intimacy: Bonds with loved ones become stronger, and strangers feel like strangers no more. So, don’t be a stranger; become a friend. Share a meal and make a memory over communal fare.

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