• Ron Davidson

A Halloween House Party is a treat not a trick

It’s time for Halloween! You’ve got your costume and you’ve decorated your home to scare and spook your family and friends. The cobwebs are carefully placed. The jack ‘o lantern is lit. The spooky ghost is set out to scare the unaware. A Halloween House Party is a treat not a trick.

To keep the treats, not the tricks this year, plan a Halloween house party for everyone to enjoy. They’ll be lining up at your door hoping to get in on the fun! Replace increment weather and unsavory treats with warm hospitality. Serve up ghoulishly delicious tidbits and savory appetizers in the controlled comfort of your own home.

Yours is a Halloween house party that caters to creative costumes, cackling with cool critters, and calling out ‘trick or treat.’ Safe, secure and social. Be they witches or goblins; be they ghouls or zombies, be ready to tantalize their taste buds with a Halloween themed fare.

Great food, fun games, good music, ghoulish Halloween decor and fantastic costumes. It’s enough to wake the dead, or almost dead if you’re a zombie instead. A Halloween house party is all the rage especially if you’re dressed up as a bull; or an inferno. Now that’s hot! Keep the bad tricks away and replace them with delicious treats to tickle the tummies of the dressed up mummies, or warlocks, or warlords. The goblins will gobble them up too! What more could you ask for?

It’s no trick for us to dazzle your friends with delectable morsels and delightful fare with a flare for treating them with our craft – but not witchcraft – of preparing fresh fine food for any palate. They’ll all remember that a Halloween house party is a treat not a trick.

Get ready to plan a house party. Trick or treat!

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