• Ron Davidson

3 Reasons You Should Cater Your Next Company Event

Whether it’s a reception, holiday party or just an annual general meeting –  nothing puts a smile on your employees’ faces like food.  We think nothing brings people closer together than food – and it should be part of every gathering – at work or at home.

Always keep these three things in mind…

  1. Employees come first. Catering a company event is a nice way to show your employees you care, value their work, input, and time. Having a meeting after work on a Wednesday? Your employees will appreciate not having to worry about how they’ll feed themselves and schmooze the clients. Annual General Meeting an all day affair? Your employees will love the coffee and bagels at breakfast and quick, easy sandwiches at lunchtime. Catering your company events shows your employees you care about their health and wellbeing – and well-fed employees tend to be more productive!

  2. Focus on Work: Organizing any event can be a challenge, especially if you also have to focus on getting other work done at the same time. Your meeting will derail quite quickly if your employee’s stomachs can be heard grumbling over the presentation. Catering your company event lets you get down to business and focus exclusively on work. Not only will your employees be happy but your clients will appreciate the effort of having a fully catered evening.

  3. How’s The Philly Cheesesteak? Food is a natural ice-breaker. People will naturally talk to one another about how flavourful the nicoise salad is or how delicious the mini ham and cheese quiches taste – making it an excellent idea for a company event. Catering a company event like the annual holiday party is a great way for people from different departments to get to know one another. It fosters new relationships and could improve your business overall!

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