Macaroni & Cheese BiteNUTELLS MOUSSEBreakfast AISIAN ITALIAN MEDITERRANEAN FUSION CHILI COCONUT MILK & SAGE BRAISED BEEF BEEF CROSTINI Brie, Strawberry and Mint Crostini CUCUMBER SALAD FAVA BEAN RICE PAPER FRIED CHICKEN PINWHEEL Rosemary Ham, Tomato, Jalapeno Cheese & Cilantro SHRIMP SANDWICH VEGETABLE WRAP 1 DESSERT TABLE 2 DISPLAY TABLE 1DISPLAY TABLE 6 BEEF KEBOB OMLETTE CHEDDAR MIX GREEN ONION TOMATO  BBQ 3 BBQBeef Satay Chicken Skewer Cocktail Shrimp Meatballs 4 Potato Salad BBQ Pepper Jazz Catering BBQ 1 BBQ  SALMON CROSTINI RACK OF LAMB Rosemary Tenderloin Roast Grilled Shrimp Plate Spiced Meat Filo Crowns BANANA BREAD MUFFINS CAKE POPS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ALMOND MILK CHOCOLATE SHAKE 1 Cookie Platter NUTELLS MOUSSE DESSERT PLATTER 2 FRUIT SALAD MINI DANISHES 1 Blueberry Pancake PECAN PIE Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Candy VEGETARIA CHOCOLATE CAKE WAFFLES Chocolate Fountain Cotton Candy Popcorn Machine 1 Ice Cream Truck Strawberry Chocolate and White Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse CupsVegan Konafa with Cream COCONUT SHRIMP Cheese Board Dairy Free Shake Fruit TartShrimp Civiche Kobeba Feta Cheese Filo Crowns Brie, Strawberry and Mint Crostini White Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo Crumb  Antipasti Platter Antipasti Platters Assorted Sandwiches High Tea Display Table Procuitto Rolls Prosciutto Wrapped Figs & Balsamic Drizzle Cheese Platter ANTIPASTI PLATTER VEGGIE BURGER (BRIE, HONEY DIJON TUMERIC CHILLI RED ONIONS KOFTA Assorted Sandwiches Display Table Dinner Service Display Table Dinner Service Display Table Cupcakes Assorted Cakes Strawberry Chocolate Mousse  Prosciutto Wrapped Figs & Balsamic DrizzleVEGGIE BURGER (BRIE, HONEY DIJON TUMERIC CHILLI RED ONIONS